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November 9, 2016 Superior Court trial, Los Angeles main courthouse (Stanley Mosk)
Re: Yunhee Min vs. Chris Sung Hoon Min et al. (LA Case No. BC584100)
"We won! Thank you so much.The Judge found the two deeds in question to be forged based upon expert testimony by you... My client loved you and I'd love to work with you again."
Michael Bennett, Esq.

October 3, 2016
Little Rock. Original action before the Supreme Court of Arkansas.
"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. Your willingness to jump into and undertake a case of this magnitude on such short notice is deeply appreciated. Your responsiveness was outstanding. I can't say enough about how much I appreciated the experience of working with you."

June 1, 2016
District Court, Ellis County, Kansas-the Estate of Earl O. Field, deceased.
Case involving a forged Codicil dated January 22, 2013 which changed the terms of the 2010 Will which gave the bulk of the estate to Fort Hays State University Foundation (FHSU), but now the 2013 purported Codicil instead gave the bulk of the estate to the decedent's part time bookkeeper.

Experts for FHSU Foundation were James Blanco and Jimmy Smith.
After a two week trial, the Court ruled in its Journal Entry Of Judgment Filed June 1, 2016 :
"The Court also must agree with the experts who concluded that not only did Earl not sign these letters/codicils, but they were not typed by him. That these documents were not typed on Earl's typewriter and the structure, punctuation, date placement, and other differences pointed out by the experts, lead this court to believe that Earl did not prepare these documents and that his signatures thereon are not genuine."

November 17, 2015, Van Nuys, CA
"Jim- good news! We won- verdict for defendant. Thank you for your help in this case."
Jeffrey Nodd, Esq.

July 27, 2015, Claremont, CA
"I also want to sincerely thank you for your good work. I am certain that the case would not have settled but for your assistance and analysis."
D. Scott Mohney, Esq.

June 29, 2015, Superior Court, Ventura, CA
"As you could likely tell, the hearing went great for us... The Judge did not even ask for additional argument once we rested our case after finishing with your exam. He found the handwriting on the agreement to be Plaintiff's and granted our underlying motion to compel arbitration right there. ...Clearly we are very pleased with the way the hearing turned out. You were excellent and the Judge specifically mentioned that the 'expert was very helpful' in making his decision. Thank you very much for your excellent services."
Connor J. Stinson, Esq.

March 10, 2015
Petitioners claimed they had 50 percent interest in a residence owned by their late father arguing that their signatures were forged on the transfer deed by respondent.
Respondent contended that the signatures on the deed were not forged but were genuine as determined by forensic document expert Jim Blanco.
Petitioners finally admitted at trial that their signatures were genuine.
The court granted respondant's motion for judgment.

L.A. Superior Central BP138678.

February 4, 2015
"The court threw out the will. Thanks for your help."
William R. Remery, Esq. LA main courthouse
Estate of Esther Rancier; LASC Case #BP143844.

January 26, 2015
"The client was very pleased with the quality, skill, and depth of knowledge that were apparent in the opinions you rendered. It was a pleasure working with you."
Aaron M. White, Esq., STERN & GOLDBERG Re: Esther Hasson Revocable Living Trust; LASC Case No. BP134478.

December 31, 2014
"Carrie refused to admit that the signature on Ex. N was hers until confronted with a report from a handwriting expert."
Tentative Decision of Court Re: The Teasdale Family Trust; Marin County Case No.: PR 1205180
"we obviously are very pleased and want to express our thanks, on behalf of [the client], for your jobs very well done."
Seth M. Skootsky, Esq., Skootsky & Der LLP San Francisco

August 2014
"Thank you for your incisive and professional testimony at trial. In the judge's Statement of Decision, it is clear that your expert testimony weighed heavily and was crucial in reaching a favorable ruling. On behalf of my clients, and on my own behalf, I extend to you our most hearfelt thanks."
Robert L. Risley Esq., Pasadena CA
Re: The Estate of Alexander White, III LASC Case No. BP 143708

November 14, 2013
Bench ruling Re: SML vs. SCE (Southern California Edison Company)
"Mr. Blanco, I felt, was a very credible witness. I thought he was knowledgeable, candid."
Hon. David S. Cohn, Judge, Department S-35 San Bernardino Superior Court, CA.

November 5, 2013
"The judge ruled from the bench in our favor. She said your testimony was 'compelling.' Exactly right. Thanks for your help."
Tom Brigham, Esq.
Re: Estate of John Estes Jr.; County of Mendocino Case No. SCUK CVG 13-26029

May 29, 2013
California Court of Appeal reversal of a lower court's erroneous decision
to admit for probate the bogus Will of Taruk Ben Ali.
"The dramatic suicide of a Berkeley man last week led police to a second gruesome discovery two days later, a badly decomposed male corpse walled up inside the first floor laundry room." The Berkeley Daily Planet.
Excerpts from Court Of Appeal decision: "Before taking his own life, Hassan had hidden his son's body [Taruk] behind a wall, perpetrated a callous fraud on Taruk's mother, spouse, and friends about Taruk's fate, and had impersonated Taruk and forged his name to multiple documents" (Page 12 of decision). "Among Hassan's possessions, police found a purported will of Taruk" (Page 3 of decision).
"Appellants' forensic document expert, James Blanco, opined it was 'highly probable' the signatures of Taruk and Wilburn on the will were not genuine" (Page 5 of decision).
"Taruk's signature on the will-the only real evidence of Taruk's intent to make a will-was primarily authenticated by the proponents' document examiner [David S. Moore] who was not told about or shown any of the known documents on which Hassan had forged Taruk's signature" (Page 13 of decision).
"The [lower court's] judgment is reversed and the matter is remanded to the probate court for the entry of a new judgment upholding appellants' contest of the will based on insufficient evidence of due execution, denying admission of the will to probate, and providing for the administration of the estate in a manner consistent with those determinations" (Page 14 of decision).

April 22, 2013 Ruling of the Honorable Mark S. Borrell
"Jody testified that Delbert signed the checks. However, expert testimony from a questioned document examiner, James Blanco, persuasively demonstrated that the signatures were not genuine."
(Ventura Case No.: 56-2011-00394805-PR-TR-OXN)

March 13, 2013 Ruling of the Honorable David B. Flinn:
"There can be no legitimate dispute that the expert employed by counsel for Rick, James Blanco, had far greater qualifications than [the] opposing expert."
"Mr. Blanco has not only received extensive training, including from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in hands on teaching sessions in Quantico, Virginia, but is regularly tested to determine his proficiency."
"In evaluating the weight to be given to the reasons of each of the experts, two things stand out. Firstly, the work of Mr. Blanco was done in the normal fashion and with considerable care and caution"..."Mr. Blanco provided a detailed and meaningful response, backed by authorities"
"In summary the Court concludes that the expert witness evidence establishes that the signature upon the trust amendment is genuine." (which was Blanco's opinion)
In re: THE TRUST OF MABELLE SILVA SCARANO, DECEASED. (No. P12-00905). Contra Costa Superior Court.

May 12, 2011 Ruling of the Honorable David E. Russell regarding a forged option to purchase agreement concerning the Lodi Airport:
THE COURT: "I believe Mr. Blanco before I believe Mr. Moore." (opposing expert David Moore) Page 116- and,
THE COURT: "And that's going to be my ruling. It's going to be dismissed with prejudice." Page 123 of transcript
Judge Russell's decision was appealed but the Ninth Circuit Appellate Panel upheld Judge Russell's original decision taking note that, "The bankruptcy court...found expert Blanco's testimony more persuasive than expert Moore's."

Statement Of Decision Re: William E. Preston (Billy Preston)- (pdf file)
..."the court was particularly impressed by Mr. Blanco's excruciatingly careful analysis as discussed at length in his May 1, 2008 report [trustees exhibit "A"]." (Page 6 Line 10 of decision)
Theodor C. Albert, United States Bankruptcy Judge, October 13, 2010

LA Superior Court Decision Sept. 17, 2008 (pdf file)
Case regarding a forged Operating Agreement of an LLC-
"The Court concludes that Mr. Blanco was much more persuasive in his testimony than was Mr. Rile" (page 9 of decision).
Opposing Examiner was Howard Rile, of Rile and Hicks.

Letter from Beverly Hills attorney (Sept 2008)
Re: Brown v. Johnson- LASC Case No.BC 374660

"Judge William McLaughlin found your expert testimony persuasive, and ruled that the Individual Grant Deed by which [the Decedents name] purports to grant his interest to [suspects names] as joint tenants, by deed dated April 26, 2006, recorded the following day as instrument number 06-0930384 was forged. That deed, and the subsequent deed by which [suspect] transferred her alleged interest to herself as a tenant in common both are to be canceled.
We appreciate your efforts and look forward to working with you again."

June 2007, Jury verdict in the Juan Lopez murder trial- Lopez found Guilty. NO. VCF 110417 Jury Trial People v. Juan Abelardo Lopez, Defendant.
Juan Lopez left a threatening note, then murdered his wife. Blanco testified that Juan Lopez was the writer of the threatening note, but opposing expert Frank Hicks testified that "I'm unable to form any opinion concerning whether or not Mr. Lopez prepared the writing on this note" promoting the bizarre theory that more than one person wrote the single page threatening note.
As summarized in The Porterville Recorder Byline: Aaron Burgin Jun. 21 2007 -VISALIA - "Juan Abelardo Lopez hit his wife over the head with a wine bottle and strangled her to death in a Lindsay motel room nearly 17 years ago, a jury determined Wednesday afternoon in a Tulare County courtroom. The jury's first-degree murder conviction ends what had been a 17-year search for the killer of Juana Lopez"... "The murder of Juana Lopez... is one of the oldest cold cases to ever be revived in Tulare County" Deputy District Attorney Ruth McKee said.

September 6th, 2005 Decision of the Montana Supreme Court upholding the Jury's Verdict: (pdf file)
Case regarding many threatening anonymous letters sent to a school, church, law enforcement personnel and letters sent to many citizens:
"The letters were vicious and lascivious, gory and disturbed, and twisted and disgusting. Some of the letters contained adult pornography and sexually explicit and threatening messages reminiscent of horror films" (from page 4 of the decision).
Blanco was the expert witness for the State and gave extensive testimony before the jury identifying the defendant as the writer of the letters:
The jury found the defendant "guilty of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in violation of 45-7-207, MCA (1995), and threats and other improper influence in official and political matters in violation of 45-7-102(1)(a)(ii), MCA (1999)."
The opposing examiner was Lloyd Cunningham, who was unable to identify the handwriting as that of the defendant.

Court Decision dated October 19, 2004:
Probate matter concerning a forged Trust in an attempt to change the CalPERS Beneficiary Designation-
"The signatures which appear on the document are not those of the decedent. The purported trust is therefore invalid and the attempt to substitute Son for Wife as decedent's designated beneficiary of his CalPERS retirement account is a nullity.
This factual finding is based primarily on the testimony of Jim Blanco, a qualified questioned document examiner...The opinion of Mr. Blanco, alone, was sufficient to establish that the questioned signatures of decedent were not valid."

Endorsement of Mr. Blanco's Book, Business Fraud; Know It & Prevent It
"A fascinating and entertaining survey of the methods used by forgers, electronic bandits, and scam artists of every kind, the expert countermoves used to detect their crimes, and a vital step-by-step survival guide for businesses and individual consumers who want to avoid rip-offs."

Bill Lockyer-- Former Attorney General, State of California


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