There are several types of forgeries:
Free-hand Forgeries,
Simulated Forgeries,
Traced Forgeries, and
"Cut and Paste" forgeries.

There are also many ways to Counterfeit

BLANCO & Associates Inc.
   The Field of Forensic Documents

Forensic Document Experts may also be called Questioned Document Examiners or Handwriting Experts. They are the professional Expert Witnesses who separate the forged signatures from authentic ones. The detection of forgery is tricky business and should not be attempted by the novice. For example, tremor in the writing line is usually an indication of forgery. But it is the experienced Expert who can best determine when tremor in the writing line is the tremor of forgery instead of authentic tremor due to infirmity, age, medication or damage to the writing hand.

However, other document issues are also explored by Forensic Document Examiners. Through forensic analysis using specialized equipment, they may also determine that different pens were used to write on a document or determine what printing methods were employed to create the basic form of the document such as the imprinted graphics, borders and text as are seen on medical progress notes or on business documents or Wills & Trusts. These examinations can help determine whether or not a document was counterfeited or if pages were substituted.

Possible Forensic Document Examinations/Services:

Check out your "Expert":
Forensic Document Experts must undergo two years of full time training under the watchful eye of a mentor. There are many people who pass themselves off as legitimate Experts but who are really not properly trained.



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